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Our Agro Division concentrates itself in the field of Agrochemical supplies, Organic farming guidance, Pest control, Plant nutrition and Residue monitoring plans, etc.

Product options from 300 products….
We have an objective of trying to provide a one stop solution for all the agro needs of the farmer. This has prompted us to carry out a herculean task of developing more than 300 products under the umbrella of this division. Every year we add few products to the product line based on our customer demands. We try to provide tailor made solutions to every customer need irrespective of the order volume.

Job works undertaken …..
We undertake job-works of developing, manufacturing and providing technical assistance to a large client class who are spread over the entire Asian subcontinent.

We are known for the standardized quality products supplied consistently over a period of almost one and a half decades by sheer hard and diligent work, the company has successfully created a conglomeration of manufacturing activities, covering organic and inorganic products.

The product range can be covered under following heads:

Pest and Disease Control: We provide bulk packing and B2B sales of very effective biopesticides, biofungicides, bactericides & combinations of various products. Clients are offered a wide range to suit their crops, budget and tailor made requirements. Of special attention are products on sucking pests, miticides, larvicides, nematocides, Powdery mildew, Downy mildew, virus control, whitefly, etc. for more details CLICK HERE.

Plant Growth Regulators: This group covers products that alter hormone responses to control plant functions, including the plant's growth and development. We provide formulated as well as technical products that are used for specific applications on fruits, flowers, apical dominance, fruit size, quantity, colour, etc.

Micronutrients and metal salts: Our "Bhupati" brand of metal sulphates is known for the quality consistency, excellent service & competitive prices. Micronutrient mixtures as per grade-1 mixes for various state government grade are available on job work & customer assay basis. We provide fertilizer-coated granules of nitrobenzene, humic, and slow release fertilizers in attractive packing.

EDTA Chelates:The foliar spray products in individual and grade 2 mixtures of various state governments are readily available.

Amino acids and amino chelated products: Changing with the times, we have moved on to better chelating agents when considered for agro applications. We have developed a exclusive range of Amino acids, amino-chelated metal salts & amino-chelated mixtures. We also provide protein hydrolysates & preservatives for same.

Humus and sea weed extract group: In this section, we have a very wide range of products based on the physical and chemical parameters of the end product. We have flakes, shiny, crystals, big granules, fulvic, mixed, etc. just to name a few. Products formulated using our Seaweed extract have fantastic results and regular users based on the quality.

Processing aids :To provide one stop solution to our clients on most of their formulation requirements, we provide very useful products; some of them are thickening agents, emulsifiers, solvents, antifungal agents, drying agents, etc.

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  • Agro Division

    Agrochemicals , Mineral mixtures , Biopesticides ,PGR's , Speciality Products. etc...
  • Animal Health Division

    Animal nutrition products , Feed Supplements, Premixes
  • Organotech Division

    Organic extracts , Media cultures , Bio products , Probiotics etc...