Horizon Group believes in the philosophy of sustainable development of entire society. For achieving the objective of the betterment of the society, we have targeted the items of human consumption. Whatever we eat should be healthy, it may be vegetarian as well as nonvegetarian. To take this principle further we wish to have any food that we eat to increase the nutrition as well as immunity of the individual. Our FOOD ITSELF HAS TO BE A MEDICINE. To have nutritious inputs to the human being, the items that we consume have to be grown or brought up in healthy atmosphere with healthy diet; it may be plants, vegetables, fruits or animal stock. We are taking steps to achieve this objective by concentrating in the fields of Agriculture as well as Animal health. In both the fields concentrates itself in the field of Agrochemical supplies, Organic farming guidance, Residue monitoring plans, etc. boasting of Eurepgap certification. Horizon Agrotech is known for its standardized quality products. It has expanded its business to cover almost all micronutrient and agrochemical manufacturers in India. Over a period of almost one and a half decades, by sheer hard and diligent work, the company has successfully created a conglomeration of manufacturing activities, covering organic and inorganic products.

Horizon group comprises a good combination of experience and young dynamic people.

The group is headed by Mr Vivek Kapadnis who looks after Product development and new business ventures.

 Mr Chetan Sonawane who is a Partner in the business heads the management of the group as well as marketing activities of all divisions.