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We introduce ourselves as manufacturers and importers of various chemicals used as trace elements in feed manufacturing. Our manufacturing unit situated at Dindori, Dist. Nashik, Maharashtra, India produces the entire range of Metal derivatives & Chelates. Our brands are known for the consistency in quality among feed manufacturers. We are also into import and export of our products with our strong network abroad.


HoriBlend-GP is the unique blend of all vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  It is the perfect growth promoter for poultry in powder and oral liquid solution. 
It increases weight by improving feed utilization (FCR) and lower mortality. 
It prevents the birds from deformity of bones, breast blisters, lameness and relieves stress from all factors.



HoriGro-AFS Acidifier feed supplement is the blend of organic acid, provides a clear inhibition of bacterial colonization and reduction of biofilm adhesion in feed as well as GIT (Gastrointestinal track).  HoriGro-AFS is the better alternative for Antibiotic Growth Promoter (AGP).
It acts as feed preservative and favour optimal enzymatic activity and internal flora.
Prevents lumping of feeds.



HoriLiv (Liver Doctor) is the unique blend of anti-oxidants, fat metabolites and immunity modulants.
It improves efficiency of liver function and detoxification process.
Built up immunity and prevents fatty liver, cirrhosis and hepatitis.



HoriSafe-Gut is the sanitizer with latest technology which deactivates large varieties of pathogenic microorganisms.  It is best for water purification in the poultry



Urja Shakti is free flowing, Granular, Calcium enriched rumen By Pass dry fat produced from vegetable oil. It is concentrated source of energy having 95.9% digestibility in intestine by-passing rumen fermentation.


Amino acids & Amino Acid Chelates

Feeds that lack a balance of amino acids are not only unhealthy for livestock, but also negatively impact the environment. Amino acids consumed in excess are not utilized as nutrients for animals, and are excreted as nitrogen compounds in manure. Chelates provide an opportunity to achieve optimum levels of mineral nutrition for the production goals. Chelated trace minerals are used to improve trace mineral levels in animals. Chelated minerals are amino acids attached to trace minerals. Chelates are mostly absorbed in the jujenal area of the small intestine just like regular amino acids. Chelating a mineral also protects it from antagonistic effects of other minerals allowing them to pass to the site of absorption in the small intestine.

Our range of Amino Acid Chelated Minerals is Highly Effective Organic Minerals. The range comprises of the following products.

Entire range of Amino Acid & Chelated Amino Acids: Fe / Cu / Zn / Mn / Mg / Ca.