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Peptone Powder Bacteriological

Product Name: Pranger PPT (Peptone Powder Bacteriological)

Brand Name:Pranger PPT

Item Code:Org / Prn / PPT

CAS No:73049-73-7


Peptones are an enzymatic digest of protein used to cultivate non-fastidious microorganisms. Peptones are derived from meat digested by proteolytic digestion. In addition to peptides, the resulting spray dried material also contains fats, metals, salts, vitamins and many other biological compounds. Peptones are produced from porcine and / or bovine tissues. The tissues are digested enzymically to create small peptides and then spray dried.


  • Bacteriological Peptone: This is a high quality hydrolysate produced by enzymatic digestion of animal tissues. It is widely used in culture media & has been used extensively in the manufacture of toxins, vaccines & other biological products.
  • Soya Peptone: Soya Peptone GMO-Free, Animal-Free is a specially designed product, Soy peptone is a papaic digest of defatted soybean meal. It is used in culture media for the cultivation of a wide variety of microorganisms including bacteria and fungi. It is an excellent source of vitamins and carbohydrates. The raw material to produce this soy peptone is guaranteed to be GMO-Free and Animal-Free (eliminates TSE/BSE issues). It is recommended for use in microbiological, tissue culture and fermentation media.


  • Peptones are used in Microbiological culture media to support the nutritional requirements of microorganisms.
  • Industrial fermentations and the production of human and veterinary vaccines.
  • Peptones are used in nutrient media for growing bacteria and fungi. Peptones are also used for detection of microorganisms.
  • Peptones are used in Diagnostics, Fermentation and Cell Culture Industries.