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We provide bulk packing and B 2 B sales of very effective biopesticides ,biofungicides, bactericides & combinations of various products. Clients are offered a wide range to suit their crops , budget and tailor made requirements. Of special attention are products on sucking pests ,miticides, larvicides, nematocides, Powdery mildew, Downy mildew, virus control, whitefly etc. for more details CLICK HERE.

Qprax – The Copper effect

Cupraxe is a copper based Organic broad spectrum fungicide. It will control a wide variety of diseases on vine crops such as melons & cucumbers in addition to potatoes, tomatoes and roses. Specifically, Cup

Biokill - Fungicide

Biokill is a highly effective against a broad spectrum economically important fungal diseases and it has a more favorable toxicological and environmental profile than currently registered fungicides. Biokill is

Telnar - Disfectant & Bactericide

Xanthomonas Botrytis (viral infection) is major problem in pomegranate. It causes black spot on bark, leaf and fruit. On the basis of symptoms it is called as Telya rog. Telnar is biological pesticide effective

Brasso - Natural Growth Promote

VK's Brasso is a natural Growth Promoter alternative to gibbrellic acid. It induces cell elongation and cell division; increases tolerance to stress due to temperature, water or salinity; acts to protect agains