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Plant Growth Regulators are any substance or mixture of substances intended, through physiological action, for accelerating or retarding the rate of growth or maturation or for otherwise altering the behavior of ornamental or crop plants or the produce thereof, but not including substances intended as plant nutrients, trace elements, nutritional chemicals, plant inoculants, or soil amendments. Plant growth regulators also known as growth regulators or plant hormones, these are chemicals used to alter the growth of a plant or plant part. Hormones are substances naturally produced by plants, substances that control normal plant functions, such as root growth, fruit set and drop, growth and other development processes. It helps to increase of fruit size. Plant growth regulators alter hormone responses to control plant functions, including the plant's growth and development. The regulators work on plant hormones, many of which serve multiple functions. For this reason, a single plant regulator used by agriculturalists or horticulturalists can either provide several benefits or have a single benefit with unintended drawbacks.

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GA-3 is a naturally occurring plant growth regulator which may cause a variety of effects including the stimulation of seed grmination in some cases. it increases fruit quantity & size.


It is a wide spectrum plant growth regulator. 6-BA is the first synthetic cytokines, a class of growth regulator that promotes cell division. When used with gibberellins, fruit's shape can be improved. cell division; lateral bud emergence (apples, oranges) basal shoot formation (roses, orchids) flowering (cyclamen, cacti) fruit set (grapes,oranges, melons).


Accelerated cell division and cell elongation, increases diameter, weight & size of fruits. When used in combination with GA gives best results. Cell wall expansion takes place. Improves the fertility of reproductive organs when used at flowering stage. Increase photo synthetic activity. It keeps fruit green for longer time. Seed weight increases, bolder seeds are produced. Increase in plants resistant powers towards disease and harsh condition. It helps plant to over come phyto toxicity effect of other chemicals.


These are widely demanded in agri industry for giving resistance power to plants, which helps them to grow in poor cultivating condition. ATCA treated plants show a greater resistance to bad growing conditions, since the bio stimulator helps the plant to overcome critical periods throughout the entire growing cycle.


IBA are commonly applied to stimulate root growth when taking cuttings of plants or yet for different agricultural application as is the prevention of fruit drop in orchards.


kinetin is one of a group of chemically similar plant hormones, the cytokines,that promote cell division. In some instances kinetin acts together with another hormone, in dole acetic acid, or auxin; in other cases it acts in opposition to auxin.

Kinetin is useful for Grain filling and partitioning. Delayed senescence.