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Yeast Extract

Product Name: Yeast Extract Powder

Brand Name:Pranger YEP

Item Code:Ag / Prn / YEP

CAS No:8013-01-2


When a yeast cell is inactivated, a natural digestion process called “autolysis” starts. During this process the yeast’s own enzymes break down proteins and other parts of the cell. This causes the release of peptides, amino acids [glutamic acid - MSG*], vitamins and other yeast cell components which, once the insoluble components have been removed, is called “Yeast Extract.

Yeast bacteriological use and cell cultures, and is an excellent stimulator of bacterial growth. Yeast Extract is generally employed in the concentration of 0.3% -0.5%. Yeast Extract is typically prepared by growing baker’s yeast, Saccharomyces spp., in a carbohydrate-rich plant medium. Yeast Extract is the total soluble portion activity is stopped by a heating step. The resulting Yeast Extract is filtered clear and dried into a powder by spray drying. Yeast Extract has been successful in culture media for bacterial studies in milk and other dairy products. 1-5 Several media containing Yeast Extract have been recommended for cell culture applications.

by spray drying. Yeast Extract has been successful in culture media for bacterial studies in milk and other


    The Two Main Application of Yeast Extract
  • Natural aromatic ingredient for savoury foods

    Yeast Extracts are increasingly used for their unique taste, which is the result of amino acids and small peptides formed out of the yeast protein by the autolysis process. They constitute a natural flavour ingredient, imparting delicate bouillon, meaty or cheesy notes and enhancing the flavour for a wide range of food products: soups, sauces, meat and fish preparations, savoury mixes, etc.

  • Source of nitrogen & growth factors for culture media

    Yeast Extracts are rich in nitrogen, vitamins and other growth stimulating compounds and therefore are used as an ingredient in media for the cultivation of microorganisms. These organisms are for example used in the production of antibiotics, biopharmaceuticals, vitamins, organic acids, dairy cultures, probiotics etc